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"The East-2018 - a prelude": Russia and China have developed the plan of World War III against the USA long ago - experts

The American union with Turkey and the EU will resist to Russia, Syria and China in fight for Idlib, and then and in full-scale war already in the nearest future.

has begun one of the largest in the history of military the scientist Recently, namely "East-2018". According to official data of the Russian Defense Ministry, 300 000 soldiers, 36 000 fighting vehicles and 80 ships participate in them. Such indicators it is even more, than military exercises of the USSR of 1981. Though skeptical estimates total about 50 000 soldiers as the bigger quantity completely would block logistics of the Russian Federation.

of Sar Pagung from the German council for the international relations has said that 300 000 Russian soldiers on the exercises "East-2018" are meant only by one - Russia and China not just prepare for a long time for World War III, but also have developed the plan of interaction against the USA and allies. Doctor Stephen Blank adds that Russia literally rehearses World War III on the exercises "East-2018".

However doctrines and the number of soldiers is only "prelude" as on them nuclear weapon is an important element of military events. It should be noted that the authorities of the Russian Federation also participate in an action, rehearsing ability of Russians to cope with nuclear war.

It is worth being noted that the exercises "East-2018" aren't the most terrible. In a subject of World War III also the situation in Syria where by the invitation of authorities there are Russian troops is not less important. The matter is that Russia, unlike Turkey and the USA, represents the Syrian government and has to work only for the benefit of the president of the country.

the Center of problems in Syria is Idlib now. The government sent all oppositionists there. Thus the certain "live board" from residents of Idlib which protects other Syria has been created. In the same time Trump and the USA demand

that Syria and Russia have refused Idlib, having transferred the region of Turkey. From the country also demand to construct the certain border protecting the last stronghold of opposition of Bashar al-Assad Idlib. Turkey has sent to

Together with the exercises "East-2018" to Syria a huge number of military and the equipment and also ammunition. It turns out that in potential World War III there will be more parties, than it was supposed.

In the coalition can act the USA, Turkey and the EU, and in opposition - asadovsky Syria, Russia and China, experts believe. The slightest violation in balance of all these parties without doubts can lead to full-scale World War III, but not usual doctrines it seems "East-2018" or secret fight for the Syrian Idlib. All this has good chances to occur in the nearest future.



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