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The early menopause increases risk of early diabetes

Middle age to start a menopause can be 51, but many women lose the estrogen in 40 years - when their ovaries begin to reduce activity.

the Early menopause was a rarity, it not so earlier now.

Why? The menopause means the end of detorodyashchy life of the woman when she can't become pregnant any more. It also means that she lacks now useful vivifying estrogen as his level falls.

About one of 100 women tests a menopause before they are 40 years old. It is known as a premature menopause or premature insufficiency of ovaries, and it becomes clear that these women for 50% have a high probability of development of diabetes of type 2.

Besides, researchers have found out that women at whom they stop monthly even to 45, are 15% more subject to risk of development of diabetes of type 2, than the woman at which the menopause begins later at normal age.

the Greek scientists consider that decrease in hormones of estrogen and progesterone during a menopause can lead to decrease in production of insulin.

Diabetes of the second type arises when the organism stops producing insulin or doesn't react any more to that amount of insulin which is made.

By estimates, more than one of 17 people in Great Britain have diabetes. From them 90% have type 2 most of which often is caused by obesity.

to achieve this result, researchers from Aristotle's University in Thessaloniki have conducted 13 researches in which there were in total 191 762 women in a postmenopause from whom 21 664 2 types had diabetes.

the Leading author doctor Panagiotis Anagnostis has told that it is the first analysis specifying both an early menopause, and premature insufficiency of ovaries is connected with the increased risk of diabetes of type 2.

"Women who test an early menopause have to show special vigilance concerning healthy food and physical exercises to help to reduce risk of development of diabetes", he said.
Each body in a female body has receptors of estrogen and depends on the estrogen supporting them healthy.

It belongs also to a pancreas which produces insulin. Apparently, estrogen protects the cages producing insulin in a pancreas.

With approach of a menopause and withdrawal of estrogen these cages become vulnerable and can die.

Other female sex hormone, progesterone, also plays a part in providing that the level of insulin didn't rise too highly.

Without it production of too large amount of insulin forces cages to absorb excess amount of glucose from blood that can lead to dangerously low levels of sugar in blood leading to dizziness and faints.



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