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The drama When trees and the New Predator at movie theaters fall soon

The chief prime ministers of cinema in Kiev and Ukraine in a week on September 10-16. The fantastic fighter Hishchnik and a fantasy of People who has killed Don Quixote.

C at cinema is possible on September 11, 2018 dopremyerny displays of next "Predator". Since September 13 at movie theaters five more new premieres: fantastic fighter "Relatives", Ukrainian drama "When Trees Fall", Chinese family animation movie "Secret of the House of Toys", French comedy "King of All Odd Fellows", British adventure film "The Person Who Has Killed Don Quixote".

Genre: fantastic fighter
Director: Shane Blek

Actors: Boyd Holbrooke, Olivia Mann, Yvonne Strahovski

"You'll never see him coming!" - a slogan of continuation of the legendary movie. In different years Hishchnik was resisted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Denny Glover. Action of a tape happens between the events described in movies "Hishchnik 2" and "Hishchniki". From far corners of space to Earth there arrive alien monsters who of anything another aren't capable except how to kill all live.

Monsters don't agree to simple existence, their task - to win the Universe. The main character of the film will become the former marine who and was fated to reveal alien race, and then and to become the main fighter for rescue of Earth. The trouble is that at first nobody trusts the man and who could think that the infantryman's son having autism began to start the mechanism of return of Hishchnik to Earth.

"Making related"

the Genre: fantastic fighter
Director: Johnathan Baker, Josh Baker

Actors: Jack Reynor, Myles Truitt, Zoe Kravitz, James Franco
to the Ordinary boy Ilayu was succeeded to find
in the abandoned house an artifact of unearthly origin He - weapon, with improbable abilities and in case of hit in bad hands can lead to irreparable consequences. Илай decides to take away weapon with itself as protection against bandits.

the Guy doesn't feel protected, and his only hope - the elder brother, is imprisoned. When the last is released, dreams of Ilaya fall, the brother has run into debt to gangsters a large sum of money and now he is pursued on heels. But also it is not the biggest problem of Ilaya, the army from space seeks to return itself an artifact by all means.

"When fall trees"

the Genre: drama

Director: Marysya Nikityuk

Actors: Anastasia Pustovit, Maxim Samchik, Sonya Halaimova
In the Godforsaken Ukrainian remote place occur events in which it is difficult to believe the average citizen. The main character, five-year-old Rounds, has a sister Larisa in love with the local bandit Shram from the Gipsy group. Naturally, all condemn the girl for such choice and only who could understand her - the father around.

But it has died recently, and mother - the weak-willed woman not capable to protect the daughter from a word of mouth. The grandmother of sisters lives century stereotypes and can't support the granddaughter also. Larisa with Shram decide to run away from in total misunderstanding of people around and ро



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