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The disgraced zaprodanka Lorac after the divorce has found consolations at Basta and Shnur

The disgraced Ukrainian singer of Ania Lorac who lives now and acts in Russia will become the judge of a new season of the Russian Voice project. The Super Telegram-channel reports about it.

Together with Lorac among judges of a show will be Vladimir Meladze, the leader of group Leningrad Sergey Shnurov and the rapper That will do. They will recruit talented musicians in the team.

was reported Earlier that the regular election of the president of Ukraine already absolutely close. And here Ukrainians have remembered for whom they agitated domestic stars earlier.

At presidential elections of 1999 have taken part in the advertizing campaign of Leonid Kuchma 19 singers. Among them: Natalya Mogilevskaya, Irina Bilyk, Alexander Ponomarev, Ania Lorac and others. Writes the Politeka portal about it.

Should reminding that practically the same set advertized Yulia Tymoshenko before elections of 2004.

"Cherry on cake" of Leonid Kuchma's campaign in 1999 became young Ania Lorac and Leri Wynn's shameful music video. On video they lay in a huge bed with blue-yellow bed linen and sang "Vote on mind, vote for Kuchma. There will be quiet you on morning!".

Coincidence or not, but then, in 1999 after Kuchma has won presidential elections, both participants of the clip were entitled the honored artist of Ukraine.

the Actress has placed a photo on the page in Instagram and in the signature has reported that she prepares for the fans new taking the project. However I have decided to leave details off-screen.

In comments fans have written to Lorac a set of compliments. Have reported that look forward to the presentation of a surprise which it announced and also have stated the warm words of support in connection with her difficult situation in family.

Some users have decided to lighten the singer the mood even the touching poem. Fans have again expressed opinion that Ania Lorac it is worth forgiving the spouse.




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