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"The daddy, do not die": to the survived passenger of "Superjet" the daughter, wonderful history of rescue was

Mysticism, presentiments and an intuition - here that accompanied at fatal flight of the passenger which by miracle survived in Sheremetyevo
Sergey Kuznetsov admitted the burned-down plane that when he thought that already the end, to it the daughter was and asked not to die.

the 45-year-old resident of the Russian capital Sergey Kuznetsov together with the 44-year-old friend Alexander Sorokolit went to Murmansk to fishing by Sukhoi Superjet-100 plane. However their peace plans for May holidays were not fated to come true. Alexander died, and Sergey escaped just by miracle. friends had

of the Place in the rear of the plane where all passengers burned down alive or choked. "Mysticism and only", - doctors and investigators made puzzly a helpless gesture, looking at the survived man.

Sergey told Journalists that the bad presentiment at it appeared as soon as they flew up. According to the man, the plane took off "somehow hardly". Sergey turned to Alexander and said: "Well, everything, fuck-up".

"When landed, went away a little, but far from it. On the earth the most terrible began. Again threw the plane up and then it became absolutely clear to me that accidents not to avoid", - the passenger of fatal flight remembers.

Sergey told that when the inside of the aircraft was captured by a flame, all began to grabble and to gasp for air greedy. Here at this moment Sergey also had a vision.

"It was the green field which is lit up by the sun on which there was my nine-year-old daughter. It was with white hair and in a white dress. The daughter shouted: "The daddy, do not die". At this moment I felt some mad inflow of forces. Understood, death is near, but knew that in any way has to survive. In pass there was a line of people, and I realized what to be chosen will not turn out. Then decided to run risks", - Sergey told.

He added that he sharply sighed and began to creep to an exit on backs of chairs. The place from where Sergey got out, was fire epicenter. In salon plastic melted and there was a dense caustic black smoke.

"I planted the feet against backs of chairs, and hands grabbed that ahead. And crept from a chair on a chair", - Sergey remembers history of the rescue.

But it is yet not all mystical component of story with plane. According to men, approximately one week prior to flight on "Superjet" the nightmare - the plane on which it flew dreamed it, failed, and he in a dream died.

"Was there and this green field which came in dream then to me during the fire. I about this dream long thought and even told colleagues about it. Consulted: to fly or not to fly", - Sergey told adding that colleagues calmed him supposedly nothing terrible will be.

of Muzhchin still is in medical institution. Doctors note, will already write out it soon. Sergey's house is waited by the spouse and three children. we Will remind

, on May 5 plane crash at the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport claimed the lives of 41 persons.




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