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The court let out from custody Russian "code-bound criminal"

The Kiev Court of Appeal on Tuesday, June 25, changed a measure of restraint to Russian "code-bound criminal" to the Batyr Bukhara" for whom the police of Spain searched.

About it was written on the page to social networks by the first deputy chairman of National police Vyacheslav Abroskin.

It reported that changed the Batyr a measure from detention to the round-the-clock house arrest.

"The batyr - "godson" of code-bound criminals of "Grandpa Hassan" and "Yaponchik". He so "fell in love" with our country that he has at all no desire to go to Spain, and about Russia and does not want to remember" - Abroskin wrote.

according to the deputy head of National police, the Ukrainian legislation - "weak, and the decision of judges - "humane". According to Abroskin, Ukraine for "code-bound criminals" can turn into the country which accepts criminals with open arms. "At the same time we have to understand

- to us criminals go far not to have a rest and when someone from our citizens is tortured with the iron, a part of the stolen money goes to these bastards", - he complains.

was reported Earlier, at the beginning of April the department of strategic investigations of National police detained on Kyivshchyna Russian "code-bound criminal" known as "Bukhara Batyr". we will Also remind

that in January, 2013 the criminal leader of "grandfather Hassan" was shot in Moscow. Russia investigates the version according to which execution of the criminal leader could become revenge for death of Yaponchik in 2009. At a ceremony of farewell there were representatives of the criminal world and the family of the killed.



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