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The client has withdrawn $75 000 from the bank account. This? darling? the cashier has given aiming to bandits!

She is accused of participation in the armed robbery.

the Cashier of bank in Texas of Shelby Uays, 25 years, has appeared before the court on a charge of partnership in the armed robbery with the aggravating circumstances, Daily Mail writes.

the party of charge has proofs, including video records that she was an aimer and actively I participated in robbery. At first she has learned that this day the client will come for the deposit.

Then it has allegedly sent the text message to the boyfriend Trauvon Johnson - one of the arrested men, and has made it at once after the woman left with the large sum.

"It presumably, was a signal to begin robbery", - it is said in the indictment. The prosecutor say that the police has received the warrant for a search of the house of Shelby Uays to confirm her participation. the Surveillance camera has imprinted

as two Afro-Americans entice the woman for gas station after her exit from National bank Wallice where worked Weis.

On video is visible how one of robbers jumps into the car, and a back wheel runs over the woman who very much clings to the bag. The woman is brought?? in the nearest hospital of Houston also remains in critical condition. Prosecutors say that Uays rented the car used in the attack.

have Also been found text messages between 27-year-old Johnson, and 31-year-old Mitchell. Mitchell has been arrested soon after a robbery, and the stolen money has returned to the victim.

charge of robbery has been brought to Men under the aggravating circumstances with use of weapons. They contain in prison of the District of Harris.

Investigators have said that all of them still look for the fourth person who participated in robbery.

It is necessary only to sympathize with the unfortunate robbed woman. Unlucky robbers seriously injured her. But she very courageously battled for a bag!

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