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The Chinese couple 4 years I couldn't become pregnant. Also it has turned out that they did? it? incorrectly!

The wife was a virgin!

have told the Spouses from the city of Bitsze to the Chinese province of Guizhou dreaming of the child that they incorrectly had four years sex, - because of what at them and it was impossible to conceive.

As reports Mirror Online, names of spouses (26 and 24 years) aren't called; it is known that they have seen a doctor after regular trainings by love haven't yielded desirable result.

However physicians, to the surprise, have found out that the wife - still the virgin.

In response to inquiries she admitted that to her always "it is extraordinary painful" to have sex. the Midwife Liu Hongmei says

: "Spouses were very young: to the man - 26, the woman - 24. They were absolutely healthy, but, despite 4 years' marriage, couldn't conceive in any way. their family very much pressed

on them because of it". During the conversation with spouses, Liu has learned that they regularly have sex. The woman admitted that every time suffers from pain from sex in hope to become pregnant.

Doctor Liu has decided that the woman has, probably, some gynecologic disease. But survey has shown the shocking result: the wife was a virgin!

As reports the Chinese edition Guiyang Evening Post, Liu has decided to examine the woman's anus.

Then has become clear that all these years spouses mistakenly had anal sex!

Is reported that doctor Liu has handed to spouses of the book on sex education and has instructed. It has helped

: in few months the woman at last has become pregnant!

doctor Liu has already retired By then, but spouses have sent it to the address of clinic of 100 eggs and live chicken: it is a traditional way to report that couple expects a baby.

of Liu says that similar cases are extremely rare though various delusions about the sexual sphere meet very often.

we Will hope, the woman shouldn't suffer any more!

Nikita Skorobogatov.



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