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The chief rabbi of Ukraine has said that proofs of shadowing of NABU a synagogue have transferred to the Ukrainian and Israeli law enforcement authorities

The chief rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman has invited the director of National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik to a meeting in a synagogue "to the place where illegal actions in relation to believers were carried out".

of the Proof of shadowing of staff of National anikorruptsionny bureau of Ukraine the central synagogue in Kiev have been sent to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Israel. It is said in the statement of the chief rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Asman published in Facebook.

It has said that Sytnik has invited him to a meeting and he is ready to carry out it after the return from the USA. "I assume

necessary, to offer you a meeting in our house of worship in the place where illegal actions in relation to believers were carried out. We will be glad to see you in our synagogue, the place of repentance and redemption. Together with it, I wanted to tell you that, including video fixing of persons, we have provided materials and the facts of illegal actions in law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and Israel with hope that under public world control they will be able to give an assessment to these actions and to make guilty persons responsible", - it is said in the statement.

on October 30 on the website of the Jewish community of Kiev the statement of the chief rabbi of Ukraine and Kiev Moshe Reuven Asman in which he has accused NABU of illegal shadowing has been published. Asman has reported that in October the security service of the Jewish community of Kiev has revealed shadowing the central synagogue on Shot Rustaveli Street and believers.

according to community, for shadowing were used cars with counterfeit registration transport plates. Besides, when checking a synagogue have found devices of removal of information. Sources of the Jewish community identified some people who were carrying out shadowing as involved in NABU.

of V NABU have said that information on illegal shadowing isn't true and otrudnik of bureau didn't install any devices for the hidden tracking in the central synagogue of the capital and didn't carry out observation of the building.



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