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The Chery subbrand extends: Jetour X95 with salon under Mercedes and Jetour X on the new platform

Brought two new Jetour crossovers to the Shanghai motor show. One of them will enter the house market this year, another represents a concept so far, but, as expected, it will also reincarnate in production model. the Chery company presented the Jetour Brand to

at the beginning of the 2018th. At the moment under this brand sell two models - the X70 crossover and the full-size X90 SUV. The last so far also plays a role of a leader, but soon will offer Chinese SUV even more largely and more expensively: the cross-country with X95 index as a concept was lit also last year, and brought the serial version to the current Shanghai motor show. The exhibition will open only tomorrow, on April 16, however local editions already spread around photos of commodity Jetour X95.

According to preliminary data, a novelty is based on X90 model which, in turn, is constructed on the platform with a back mnogorychazhka. At the same time wheel base X95 was increased by 5 mm up to 2855 mm. Length grew too, but the exact indicator is still unknown.

Externally a new leader differs from "ninetieth" in registration of a front part: the radiator lattice became more, on it the "dot" drawing now, but not horizontal dies, at headlights changed a form and "stuffing", day running fires increased in sizes too. From wheel arches of Jetour X95 black slips disappeared, and the stern is surrounded by the wide chromeplated strip.

made X95 Salon in Mercedes style: new virtual "priborka" is visually combined with the touch screen of a multimedia system, under the central deflectors of blowing the third display appeared - it is responsible for management of climatic installation. As well as donor X90, the future leader will be available in five - six - and seven-seater execution options.

according to local profile media, for Jetour X95 is still stated only one engine - petrol "turbochetverka" 1.6 TGDI (197 hp and 290 Nanometers) which is combined with a seven-step robotic box with two couplings. The same motor is in scale and X90, and the updated Chery Tiggo 8. For "ninetieth", however, as well as for prereform "eight", "turbochetverka" 1.5 147 hp (210 Nanometers), working together with 6MKP or eight-step "automatic machine" is still provided. And here the four-wheel drive to the Jetour and Chery models is not put yet.

of the Price of X95 are not announced. The Jetour X90 crossover with basic engine 1.5 T costs from 77,900 yuans ($11,600), with motor 1.6 TGDI - from 128,900 yuans ($19,200).

Other premiere of the Chery subbrand in Shanghai - the conceptual Jetour X SUV. The prototype with such name was shown in the 2018th, but now it became closer to a series. As well as the last year's crossover, the Shanghai concept is constructed on the new iPeL platform (Intelligent Platform e-network Light) made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, at the same time from former design almost nothing remained. Plus Chinese do not hide any more an interior whereas the former prototype of glass had zatonirovana, and doors are locked.

However, about the proa Jetour X power plant



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