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The chemical giant of the DPR has started two new shops

In the DPR at the largest chemical company "Stirol" have started two non-productive departments necessary for production of ammonia and carbamide fertilizers, the correspondent of Politnavigator tells.

the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic Alexey Granovsky who was present at start has noted importance of this step for restoration of all cycle of production at the enterprise.

"Today we with success have finished the next stage of stage-by-stage start of the Stirol plant. Two shops are started: shop of water treatment and parokotelny shop. It were the most problem sites at start because the plant stood about 4 years and therefore the main steam lines and conduits have actually come to full worthlessness. Tens of kilometers of pipes have been replaced, and today we start two of these shops. With their start steam will move to the integrated ammoniac shop, production of ammonia and respectively through a short period production of ammonium nitrate and a carbamide will begin", - he has noted.

the Director of state enterprise Stirol Maxim Chepak has also added that on restoration of this production more than half a year has left and a part of the equipment had to be replaced completely.

"At the moment all equipment which is here is in an operation stage. Filters have been purchased and completely replaced. On restoration of this office more than 4 months have left, and in general on restoration of the parokotelny shop at us has left more than half a year", - the director has noted. we Will remind

, earlier Politnavigator told that the DPR gradually revives the economy. So, this week in the capital of the DPR presented the first tram of own production.

the Russian political scientist Denis Denisov is sure that it is the certificate that mechanicians of the DPR prepare for entry into the Russian market.




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