Date: 9 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

The CD Projekt Red company has shown Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay

Game was shown on Twitch the channel of the company. Broadcasting lasted 50 minutes, during this time developers have shown what can be expected from a game.

the Scene of action - Knight city that is equivalent to California.

during broadcasting and display of a gameplay by developers has been chosen "female" option of the antagonist Vee.

the Game compare many to a legendary series of the games GTA. Action happens in completely open world. The player is given an interaction opportunity with various objects of the game field. The game is played from the first person. There is an access to driving of the car. At a game there is a division into fractions astronauts, military, and also physicians.

on the city is responsible For fast movement to the subway. It connects 6 districts of the city. It is possible to bring the character in any of them. The CD Projekt Red company during broadcast of Cyberpunk 2077 has also shown that various options of conducting firing at opponents will be available. Different types of weapon will be available to purchase, and bullets will ricochet from walls, killing enemies. The toy is executed based on board game of Cyberpunk 2020 which was issued in 1988.

announced the Novelty of the game industry in 2012, and the trailer became available to viewing in 2013. After that no news of development of a game were published. there is no

of Date of release yet. The game can be played on the personal computer, PS4, Xbox One.



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