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The CBOE exchange this year will begin to trade in Ether-futures

The CBOE Global Markets company owning the Chicago exchange of options (CBOE) and one of the world's largest holding companies, plans to start futures for Ethereum (ETH) by the end of 2018, Business Insider reports.

the CBOE Global Markets Company owning the Chicago exchange of options (CBOE) and one of the world's largest holding companies, plans to start futures for Ethereum (ETH) by the end of 2018, Business Insider reports. the company has begun to sell to

Since December of last year Bitcoin-futures at the New York cryptocurrency exchange operated by brothers Winklevoss.

Futures represent the agreement on purchase and sale of an asset for certain future date at determined price and allow investors to speculate on BTC price, and for this purpose it isn't obligatory to have BTC available. BTC futures are on sale not only for physical assets, they can be bought also for financial assets.

Before official start of Ether-futures the exchange has to get permission of the Commission on trade in commodity futures (CFTC) which considers the application now. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in June recognized that Ethereum isn't security that allows the company to create Ether-futures. The president of the CBOE Global Markets company Chris Konkannon has told: "This announcement opens for us a way for creation of futures for Ether for which we waited from the moment of creation of Bitcoin-futures".

last month the Chicago board of trade (CME) has published the report on the average daily volume of BTC futures, having stated that in the second quarter in comparison with the first quarter 2018 volume has increased by 93 percent. CME has also stated that the number of open contracts for BTC futures exceeds 2 400, is 58% more, than in the first quarter.

of CME has begun trade in BTC futures on December 17 after start of BTC futures by the CBOE exchange. Later in July the CEO of CME Terry Duffy has told that in the near future the company won't create other futures because of high volatility of cryptocurrencies.



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