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The Cabinet of Ministers said that the mechanism of distribution of an ecotax wrong

Part of means of an ecological tax goes not on ecology
the Mechanism of distribution of an ecotax demands revision as it is not used directly on the ecological purposes. It was said by participants of a global economic forum with assistance of the UN which took place in Kiev, RBC Ukraine with reference to "the 5th channel" reports.

As was said by the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak, the most part of means of an ecological tax goes not on ecology, and on other purposes.

"Today in Ukraine 45 percent of means which are paid from an ecological tax go to the general fund of the budget. And those people who make the decision on how the general fund of the budget shares are farther, allocate these means for education, for health care, for the environment, for construction of roads. It is wrong", - Semerak said.

As was reported earlier, in the Verkhovna Rada new legislative initiatives which are positively estimated by business are already registered.

according to the head of department on environmental protection of the Metinvest company Vladislav Varnavsky, reform of an ecotax will allow to make an ecological tax really effective.

"Bills quite simple, and they suggest to use up to 70 percent of an ecological tax on ecological projects of the enterprises. That is, the enterprise makes the decision that it will be to implement the project, invests own means and when the project is complete, documents on commissioning are already signed, the enterprise leaves that part of an ecotax which can cover these expenses at the order", - Varnavsky said.

Earlier international company Arselormittal Kryvyi Rih stated that in spite of the fact that payments on an ecological tax grow, they are not used in Ukraine on the nature protection purposes.

at the same time the most part of means comes to the state budget, but not in local, and is spent for anything, but only not for ecology.

needs to change the mechanism of distribution and use of these means and also to stimulate the enterprises to invest money in improvement of the environment, the finance director Arselormittal Kryvyi Rih Sergey Plichko considers.



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