Date: 10 months ago   Category: Politics

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to impose sanctions against 19 legal persons for construction of Kerchensky Bridge

Earlier the EU has imposed sanctions against six Russian companies because of Kerchensky Bridge.

the Government will submit the list of legal entities against which sanctions for illegal construction of Kerchensky Bridge have to be imposed for consideration by the NSDC.

"Such decision has been made during the cabinet meeting of Ukraine today. So, the government has approved the draft of the order about application of sanctions to involved in construction of Kerchensky Bridge", - it is said in the statement.

In the document is offered to impose sanctions against 19 legal entities (the private companies and the companies in the federal property of the Russian Federation, federal institutions of the Russian Federation) who are heads/founders of the legal entities involved in process of illegal construction of Kerchensky Bridge.

"In particular, were placed on the sanctions lists such companies as LLC Stroygazmontazh (the performer on design and construction), his LLC SGM-Most subsidiary (Moscow), the chief designer of the project of JSC Institute Giprostroymost-St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), subcontractors of PJSC Mostotrest (Moscow), LLC Portgidrobut (Novorossiysk), etc.", - it is noted in the message.

are convinced Of the ministry that input of sanctions against all involved legal entities (to the private companies and the companies in the federal property of the Russian Federation, federal institutions of the Russian Federation) which participated in illegal construction of Kerchensky Bridge, "will make impossible the economic relations with Ukraine, will allow to limit or stop the economic relations with the countries of the European Union and the United States of America".

"The majority of the list of legal entities are anyway involved in implementation by the Russian Federation of the large infrastructure projects directed to illegal inclusion of infrastructure of temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula in structure of the Russian Federation. Including, on ensuring transport availability of the Crimean peninsula from the territory of the Russian Federation", - have added in the ministry. They are entered by

against the companies: "Giprostroymost institute" for development of the project of the bridge, Stroygazmontazh - for the government contract on construction of the bridge, Stroygazmontazh Bridge - for management of the project of construction, Mostotrest - for the government contract on maintenance of the bridge (the last three belong to the oligarch Arkady Rotenberg against whom sanctions of the EU and Great Britain are imposed) and "VAD" - the main contractor on construction of the Taurida highway in the Crimea, are expensive through Kerchensky Bridge and access roads to her.

Also sanctions are imposed against shipbuilding plant "Gulf" (Kerch) for participation in construction of the new railroad to Kerchensky Bridge connecting Russia to the Crimean peninsula.

the Railroad will include two ways of the second category of railway lines. Rated speed of the movement of passenger trains along the bridge - 120 km/h, cargo - 80 km/h.

the Bridge begins on Taman Peninsula, passes on beings



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