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The bus with passengers turned over: to the place of road accident helicopters, 70 victims are flown

Serious road accident with the passenger bus happened in Germany on Sunday, May 19

the Flixbus Bus turned over on Autobahn A9 near Leipzig. As a result of incident, at least, one person died, more than 70 suffered, from them 7 got severe wounds, declare in police.

of All were in the bus 74 passengers. Those who suffered serious injuries were taken to hospitals by helicopters. Near the place of accident also built point of the help for those who got less serious wounds.

Rescuers could take bodies of the dead from the bus only in several hours after accident, the police do not report their names yet. the police do not state the Cause of accident to

yet, stating that investigation is conducted. The bus performed flight from Berlin to Munich, told in the Flixbus company to the dpa agency. The company also expressed condolences to passengers, drivers and also their families and friends.

Autobahn A9 was blocked in both directions, the police were going to open the movement on it towards Munich to morning of Monday, May 20. we Will remind

, earlier in the capital of Cuba to Havana the man on a car rammed crowd of people on the popular embankment of the capital.

Is known that at least three people died in road accident.

Accident occurred near Malecón Embankment. Among victims there are foreigners.

as a result of arrival one person died on the spot, two more died in hospital. Various degrees of severity were got injured 23 person, part of them are hospitalized. we Will remind

, a terrible car accident claimed the lives of five people.

the Passenger bus broke in an abyss, being in the movement. It is known that inside there were dozens of people. Deadly road accident occurred in Nepal.

"Five people died, 29 suffered when falling the bus to the river in Nepal".

Is known also that personality of three victims already identified and victims were urgently hospitalized.




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