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The brother beheaded the sister for intimate relationship with the man (video)

The terrible tragedy happened in Tajikistan where the 23-year-old resident of Istaravshan Tolib Ashurkulov received 18 years of a high security for murder of the minor sister, schoolgirls of the 11th class, report "Facts".

of Muzhchin was found guilty under the article "Murder of the Minor or Person Who Is Down and Out".

Is known that the girl by the name of Orzugul studying at local high school of N42 left the house on October 27, 2018 and did not come back home. Search of gone did not yield results.

one and a half months Later the body was found. The made investigation showed that the girl after all came back home that evening where she was met by the elder brother who accused her that that "dishonored family" intimate relationships with men. After that the schoolgirl ran in a shed and threatened to commit suicide, however she was strangled by the brother a synthetic bag from under onions. An hour later the man returned on the crime scene, put the girl's body under senorezy and cut off her head.

his 50-year-old father Bakhodur Ashurkulov helped to Hide traces of crime to the 23-year-old murderer. Together with the son it took out a corpse in a car trunk, and then Zarkhalol hid in old waterless channel on the outskirts of rural community.

on December 11 last year the beheaded body was found by the neighbor Ashurkulovykh. He told about эирс to law enforcement authorities, and on December 17, 2018 on suspicion of murder the brother died was detained.




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