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The bitcoin will tower over ruins of a modern financial system: the forecast from experts

The traditional financial system will fail as a house of cards and people will turn to the
at once it was declared by the cryptoexpert and the head of the giant of retail trade Overstock Patrick Byrne, MyCrypter tells.

according to him, a global financial system is so corrupted that looks as the huge scheme Ponzi which just about will finish the existence.

"People address bitcoin where the financial system already falls. It is Venezuela, Cyprus or Syria, something like that. Considering it, I consider that all modern financial system is a big Keynesian scheme of magic of money according to Ponzi. I assume that day when people address virtual currencies will come", - he told.

Cryptocurrency will be able to become a safe shelter during the periods of economic shocks and to be used for hedging from inflation and financial crisis.

Byrne not only who expects inevitable crash of a global financial system. Earlier the head of the ShapeShift company Eric Vurkhiz said that the further growth of a public debt of the USA which is at the level of 21.7 trillion dollars now will inevitably lead to a boom of cryptocurrencies.

That will happen to cryptospace in the next 2-5 years. Every second respondent considers that the cryptocurrency is waited by steady growth. 28% of respondents are sure, rates of cryptocurrencies to be rolled in, and 8% of people predict that the cost of digital currency will fly up up.




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