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The Bible not always was against homosexuality. When has it begun?

Earlier Christians had less prejudices.

In spite of the fact that many modern believers, especially youth, consider that gays and lesbians have to have the same rights, as all others, most churches continue to consider homosexuality a sin. However this intolerance is based only on nothing the supported prejudices.

As tells Televisa, church discrimination of people with other sexual orientation traditionally is proved by the one and only bible verse written more than 2500 years ago. This is Levitte 18:22 saying: "Don't lay down with the man, as with the woman: it is a nasty thing". However there are data that this verse is written later and that the homosexuality was norm in Hebrew society.

What is the book Levitte and why she is necessary in the Bible?

the Bible is a wonderful document from any point of view. As the anthropological certificate she helps to learn about ancient culture; as the text is a pearl of classical literature; and as the Scripture she is the cornerstone of the tradition edifying and directing millions of people many hundreds of years.

But for the mighty of this world the Bible quite often served as a brick by means of which they broke skulls of innocent people. She was used for justification of genocide and colonization of America and Africa, for oppression of women and to call congenital inclination to representatives of the floor "unnatural".

I though all these manipulations contradict bible manuals, they are long since used for hatred multiplication.

Let's look at censure of homosexuality. The above-mentioned verse contains in the book Levitte which Greek name comes from a priestly knee of Levi (one of 12 knees Israel).

Experts consider that this book has been written in the 6-5th centuries B.C. Such huge period is explained by the fact that any of books of the Bible wasn't written once and for all. ancient Jews had

absolutely other ideas of authorship. The sacred texts written by one person were subject to revision and correction because times changed, and the writing should be adapted to new realities. What we perceive as the uniform book today, actually was written, improved and corresponded during one thousand years.

Have concerned these audits and books Levitte. She represents the set of rules for Judaic priests. One of the major sections is called as "The code of sanctity" (chapters 18-20 and 25) and orders rules of conduct for devout.

It is known that Judaic culture was under construction on idea of "union" between God and the peculiar people: "Also I will admit you to Sebha to the people and I will be to you a God". In the first books of the Bible circumstances and conditions of this union are in detail stated.

In fact, these books represent the code of laws - something like the contract between Jews and God. Was considered that all requirements and conditions are stated (or are at least coordinated c) by God.

Fundamental principle



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