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The Belgian shop have punished for discrimination of the man before the woman

Belgian to shop have ordered to pay the man €13 thousand damage for refusal to hire him because the management of an institution wanted to take the woman.

of Muzhchin from Leuven, near Brussels, has filed a complaint to the Belgian institute concerning gender equality which has carried his case in court on labor disputes.

Having rejected his application for the manager's post, the clothing store has told that it "looks for the female colleague".

the Institute claims that usually he solves cases of discrimination extrajudicially. the Award presents to

about the semi-annual gross salary at a position which the man sought to occupy.

Shop also have obliged to pay one euro to the institute.

the Lawyer of Pauline Lex's institute has told that in 2017 she and her colleagues have processed about 50 claims from the men and 60 women concerning discrimination on the basis of a floor at employment.

Has put, according to her, illustrates that decisions on hiring "are often based on stereotypes, but not on real competences of people".



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