Date: 4 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

The bank has started advertizing in the form of very long promo code in online store. All to attract youth

To buy clothes in ASOS at a discount, users should reprint a code.

the French bank Boursorama has started advertizing in the form of a long promo code in ASOS online store. The brand positions itself as the cheapest Internet bank for youth.

of Boursorama and the creative agency Buzzman understand that the youth doesn't pay attention to advertizing, especially to announcements of banks. In view of this problem they have decided to inform audience of the message through a promo code.

of WeAllKnowThatYoungPeopleDon'tReadAdvertsForBanks SoJustToSayThatWeAreTheCheapestOnlineBankForYoung ClientsInsteadOfPublishingAnAdThatYouWouldn'tHave ReadWe'reSayingItInThisVeryVeryLongDiscountCodeThat YouAreGoingToHaveToRetypeToGetYourClothesCheaperOnASOS

Translation: "All of us know that the youth doesn't pay attention to advertizing of banks. Therefore we will just note that we are the cheapest Internet bank for young clients. Instead of publishing the announcement which you wouldn't read we write about it in very much long promo code which you are going to reprint to buy clothes at a discount in ASOS".

of Boursorama has placed outdoor advertizing at the universities and colleges and also has published announcements in the French printing editions. To buy clothes in ASOS at a discount of 20%, users should reprint a code. Possibly, in Buzzman have thought up it that people have read the text.

the Promo code is available since November 5. Only the French users can apply it.

Before Boursorama and Buzzman have released an advertizing trailer of the thriller about the daredevil who has pressed banner advertizing.



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