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The authorities of the DPR have cooled a heat of pre-election fantasts

The Deputy Prime Minister of the DPR for economy Alexander Timofeev (signal Tashkent) has answered criticism of some deputies of local parliament who have expressed cancellations of an advance payment of the electric power by the industrial enterprises of the republic the need.

according to him, deputies read populist slogans counting upon rating. "To prepare for elections - early", - Timofeev in an interview to the Donetsk 24 agency has told.

"Pays the population upon, but not an advance payment. It is only about the industrial enterprises - they at us large, consume much. Give

on examples again. For example, I am the Styrene plant, well or Harvest, anyone. I consume 1000 kilowatts an hour. Power engineering specialists can't work from wheels. There is a concept "planning". To carry out to drains of megawatts of the electric power, they should buy 20 cars of coal in mines. The application for mines chips in together, mines put this coal in the plan, get, railroad workers transport. This everything, all chain to carry out this one megawatt of the electric power.

They produce one megawatt of the electric power, and I as the plant, I say what at me didn't manage to be developed because there is a scheduled operation or was some accident. The electric power is not that substance which can be poured in buckets, and she will stand, will wait. Upon everything that will be made, will be thrown out in the atmosphere.

I then question: who will undertake compensation of losses? Power engineering specialists will tell: "and why we have to pay if you haven't developed?". In order that it wasn't, and it is world practice, in all countries if the enterprise states the volume of the electric power which plans to consume the next month, it pays her", - the Deputy Prime Minister has explained.

"If hasn't chosen all volume for any global reason, then in some small part there can be a recalculation. And if everything hasn't been chosen - well it, children, your problem. We have spent for you. What you haven't taken it is your personal record by and large. Don't take, but pay... Because the procedure from primary coal mining before realization of the electric power takes with

not one day. The got miners need to pay for that coal which they have extracted because it is generated the next month, but it is necessary to get him this month", - Timofeev has also explained.

"All this from the evil. The person just doesn't understand by and large what he speaks about. He, probably, has read one clever book, and now considers that the great economist. It is sure, it not so", - the Deputy Prime Minister has concluded the answer to critics.



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