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The author of the bill of legal profession is the manager of the corruption schemes Kurchenko, - Tatyana Chornovol

Because of authorship the deputy has very big questions to the bill.

One of authors of the bill of legal profession which it is offered to Verkhovna Rada to consider is Denis Bugay - the person who was in due time the manager of corruption schemes of the oligarch Kurchenko who, in turn, at the time of Yanukovych was a purse of "Family".

it was declared at a briefing on Thursday, December 6, by the People's Deputy of Popular front fraction Tatyana Chornovol.

"Is imposed to all society the bill of legal profession now. Claim that his author is the president, but I want to tell that we are deceived as actually the author of this document is a certain Denis Bugay. It is a famous person, such draft horse of a mladooligarkh of Kurchenko, the famous corrupt official Yanukovych who was a purse of "Family", - the Commander-in-chief quotes the deputy.

"That this person is the author of the bill of legal profession is easy to learn from official sources where it is specified that it is a member of author's group which was engaged in development of the document", - she added.

according to Tatyana Chornovol, because of authorship of the bill at it arise very big questions to the bill of legal profession. "I want to resemble

the moments which testify to the identity of the author of the bill. First, I want to remind that on the eve of the Maidan Denis Bugay to order of Kurchenko, the boss of that time, occupied a raider way Nina Moskalenko's rooms on Pechersk in Kiev because on this earth of Kurchenko wanted to build the house. Denis Bugay personally broke a fence, personally helped thugs to get on the territory of the room of Moskalenko, and then also forged case against her, demanding her arrest that it allegedly beat tituskhy", - the representative of Popular front specified.

It also reported that Bugay was the head of the supervisory board of Brokbusinessbank, having held this position in August, 2013 when Kurchenko was the owner of this bank. According to her, Bugay with the NBU received on refinancing of this bank of means of 2 billion UAH and also about 1 billion - from means of Agrarian fund.

"Besides, by signatures of the Bull these means were brought to Kurchenko's structures as the credit. For example, the document found activists after the Maidan in Kurchenko's office that personally Denis Bugay as the head of the Supervisory board of Brokbusinessbank signed allocation of the credit of 650 million UAH to such firm as "Virtus XX" publicly dispersed. Besides this firm was known as the winner of tenders "Ukrgazdobycha" - they won tenders for rather large sum for the benefit of Kurchenko, but the goods, according to conditions of tenders, were not put", - the deputy specified.

"That is in due time Bugay allocated public funds, funds of refinancing for Kurchenko's firms as the credits which were never returned. It is purely corruption scheme", - explained T



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