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The Armageddon is inevitable: there were nine scenarios of "doomsday"

The mankind is on an accident side. Under assumptions of scientists, there are nine scenarios of an apocalypse

Scientists from The Global Challenges Foundation organization "Risks of global disasters" have presented unexpected results in the annual report.

according to researchers, exists nine real risks of the Armageddon on the earth.

is In the first place threat of nuclear war. According to the experts, her probability is higher now, than 10 years ago. It can lead to huge loss of life and provoke "mini-Ice Age". the Second place use of biological and chemical weapon has got

. His production is rather cheap, and it is very simple to modify microbes today.

are In the third place climate changes of the planet. Scientists warn that the probability of temperature increase on the planet on 3 degrees Celsius or is one to three more. If it occurs that New York and other coastal cities will leave under water. In total more than one billion inhabitants will suffer.

On the fourth place scientists put danger of a collapse of ecological system. Environmental pollution, migrations of foreign species and destruction of natural habitats - all this risk for ecosystems, are sure researchers.

of the Pandemic take the fifth place in the list. Experts are afraid of emergence of new diseases to which our organism isn't ready and also microbes which are tolerant to antibiotics.

Among possible dangers note also collision of Earth with an asteroid. As researchers assume, catastrophic collisions happen time in 120 thousand years. The dust and fragments released into the atmosphere can cover the Sun for several months. It will lead hundreds of millions people to a crop failure and death.

On the seventh place - eruption of a supervolcano. Volcanists assure that such eruption happens each 17 thousand years. It is fraught with death of people and animals and destruction of agricultural infrastructure and also a global cold snap.

have put Solar geoengineering on the eighth place. Spraying aerosols which will reflect sunlight and heat in space in air, scientists can turn back harmful global warming. But if something goes not so, all will suffer live on the planet.

On the ninth place - artificial intelligence. Scientists are concerned that robots will surpass people in I.Q. Besides, the developer companies are concentrated on functionality, but not on ethics" robots.




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