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The analysis of cryptocurrency pairs of BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD on 8/23/2018

Today the market waiting for fundamental news prepares for an exit from side range.

the market waiting for fundamental news prepares Today for an exit from the side range

After attenuation of indignation from a yesterday's bull impulse, the price of Bitcoin has spent the rest of day in borders of a bokovik. In end of day of steam I have tested the green field of support which is the lower bound of range and it was tightened to the level of 6427.16 USD.

are expected Today fundamental news which can stir up the market and bring the price out of the flet proceeding more than two weeks. Such event is the decision of SEC on the ETF application of ProShares. We believe that the re-test of the lower bound of side range on quite large volumes is an illustration of mood of participants of the market in relation to the forthcoming event.

Usually when the market is already ready to acceptance of news, her influence already begins to affect the market and smoothes the forthcoming impulse if the fact meets expectations. If the fact doesn't correspond to the forecast, then the impulse has the big amplitude and the long period of attenuation. What will occur this time - we will see today.


Ethereum was spilled on all width of side range, from his upper bound of 300.00 USD and before support of 270.00 USD yesterday. If an exit from range is directed towards growth to zero level фибо today (360.00 USD), then this level looks attractively for purchases. But considering history of refusals of SEC according to ETF applications this scenario looks less more probable, than break of the last line of defense of bulls at the level of 260.00 USD and updating of an annual minimum to the level of 240.00 USD.


In difference from air, рипл, on the contrary, didn't rush about yesterday from one border to another, and tried to be consolidated in a side corridor, near the level of the average prices. Today стохастик in a zone of oversold forms a signal on purchases. If Ripple, during the day tests the level of 0.430 USD, then the current price level - a quite good opportunity to earn from growth. However the break of the lower bound of the side range of 0.300 USD can cause a wave of sales which will update an annual minimum in the field of the prices of 0.233 USD for a coin. Subscribe by

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proceeding from data of the BitStamp exchange.



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