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The agrarian enterprise occupied with weapon was returned to the owner

The anti-raider commission has satisfied the complaint of the farmer from the Kharkiv region Alexander Strogy who challenged in Ministry of Justice a re-registration of his farm on other persons.

during the press conference has reported about it the Deputy Minister of Justice on the state registration Elena Sukmanova, the press service of Ministry of Justice reports.

"The commission of Ministry of Justice at the meeting this Wednesday has considered Alexander Strogy's complaint on a re-registration of his farm to other persons as a result of which there were attempts of power occupation of the enterprise during which shots were distributed and people have suffered", - Sukmanova has told.

"Members of the commission have come to a conclusion about violation of requirements of the legislation by the state registrar at a re-registration of economy of "Strogy O. F." therefore these registration actions have been cancelled", - she has added.

She has reported that she has signed the relevant order of Ministry of Justice which has cancelled illegal registration and in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, natural persons - businessmen corresponding changes are already made.

during the press conference the Deputy Minister of Justice has handed to the owner of farm Alexander Strogy the copy of the order of Ministry of Justice which has restored his property right.

according to Sukmanov, Ministry of Justice initially held this case on control.

"As soon as has occurred capture attempt, the Anti-raider headquarters of the Kharkiv region have quickly reacted, the regional Head Territorial Department of justice which has helped the farmer to make and send the complaint to the commission has got into gear at once", - Sukmanova has told.

It has also noted that many activists and representatives of profile associations have urged the commission to consider this complaint next day after her giving.

"Despite criticality of a situation, the commission couldn't consider the complaint, without adhering to the procedure which is written out in the law, in particular, to report to the parties that such complaint has arrived and also not later than two days before consideration to report to the parties about purpose of a meeting on which this complaint will be considered", - the Deputy Minister of Justice has noted. "We have to understand

that because of non-compliance with the procedure the court can repeal the order of the commission irrespective of the actual facts of the case. And the complainant will appear again where began", - she has added. More in details about a situation read

in article EDS: Bloody elevator. What happens to the enterprise occupied by raiders on the Kharkiv region



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