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The 68-year-old man has got sick with a life-threatening infection. I have caught from a cat!

The 68-year-old man has got sick with a life-threatening infection. I have caught from a cat!
Unknown, but dangerous.

New England Journal of Medicine has published Not so long ago a photo of the person who has caught an infectious disease from the cat, Rare reports. In the photo the person with huge red tumors on the right side of the person and neck is represented.

the Patient has seen a doctor when in a week he after temperature increase has seen these terrible educations.

of the Tumour on a neck were his lymph nodes, and the analysis has shown that this person has been infected with Francisella tularensis bacterium. The patient has told doctors that in two days before symptoms were shown, his domestic cat has died of allegedly cat's leukemia.

Nevertheless, didn't confirm this diagnosis with laboratory tests therefore doctors suspect that the cat was ill a tulyaremiya too.

What is a tulyaremiya?

of Francisella tularensis actually very seldom meets at people. In 2016 experts in the field of health care have registered only 230 cases in the United States.

the Disease meets at animals, generally at wild rabbits and mice more often.

But, cats can catch if they attacked a sick mouse that probably and has occurred in this case. The disease is also carried by deer and ticks.

the Rare infectious disease usually affects eyes, skin and lymph nodes in lungs. It extends in several ways, including stings of insects and direct contact with the infected animal. Tulyaremiya is very infectious and can even become life-threatening if in due time not to stick to the person specific antibodies.

the Bacterium can extend by air or in hot water and can be used as bioterrorism weapon. But. she can't be given from an animal to the person without scratch or a sting therefore it is impossible to catch, just being near a sick animal.

tulyaremiya Symptoms?

Exists several types of a tulyaremiya. The type which was picked up by this patient had, Glandular Tularemia is called, and it is characterized by the inflated lymph nodes and high temperature.

One more type called by Ulceroglandular Tularemia can also cause skin ulcers or open wounds at hit of an infection. Other versions are characterized by the swelled-up and angry eyes, a sore throat, ulcers in a mouth and the swelled-up tonsils.

the Pneumonic tulyaremiya is the most serious form of a disease and, most likely, arises at inhalation of a bacterium. This type can cause breast pain, cough and the complicated breath.

As has been told, the tulyaremiya can become life-threatening if not to treat her. Fortunately, in most cases doctors usually appoint to four weeks an antibiotic doxycycline which slowly but surely fights against a bacterium. Symptoms of a disease are shown in three-five days, but sometimes the incubatory period is also 30 days.

Usually a disease begins sharply, with a headache, nausea, vomiting, body temperature quickly rises up to 39-40 °C, the fever appears. Face skin and



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