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The 3-year-old girl has won against cancer with her help. And she was invited to a wedding!

History which will touch even stones.

Guests couldn't keep from tears when the baby went on pass at a wedding of the woman which has saved her life. The touching story was published by GMA.

Skye have found a juvenile miyelomonotsitarny leukosis in March, 2016 In the baby, shortly before her first birthday. It is diagnosed only for one of 1 million children. Later she developed a lymphoma a century.

The same year it has transferred the first transplantation of marrow, and then and the vital infusion of cages. The last transplantation Skye was made in April, 2017.

Besides, to the poor baby was necessary to endure operation on removal of her swelled-up spleen and seven rounds of chemotherapy. She has received 77 units of blood and platelets during 10-month stay in children's hospital of UCLA Mattel.

Because of weak health Skye, doctors gave it only 10 percent chance to survive. But she after all has won against a disease therefore she and was nicknamed by "Warrior Skye". "Skye - one of our miracles in the University of California of Los Angeles". Mother of the girl says that she wouldn't live Skye up to final transplantation if not Hayden Reyls. "She was such patient", - she has told.

Because of laws on confidentiality of patients most of blood donors never meet people to whom they help. But in several months after her change the Waist Savren-MacCormick and her husband Todd have received the letter from the organization which Reyls has offered the marrow.

Hayden Reyls and family of the girl have communicated, and Reyls has sent to the girl a gift to her third birthday. In a card there was an invitation to become the flower girl at her wedding on June 9.

When doctors Skye diagnosed for it permanent remission, she and her parents have gone to Alabama. On a wedding rehearsal Skye and Hayden have embraced for the first time. "I have suited

, and have kneeled before the courageous baby", - I have told Hayden. "Hayden will be a part of our life forever", - the Waist Savren-MacCormick has added. "She has saved life of our daughter". This history strikes with

up to the soul depth, unindifference, the unselfishness and courage of one person have helped to save life of another!

of Fia Mont.



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