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The 19-year research has shown that children need only 2 important skills. Here they

To achieve success in life. scientists watched

of 19 years children, and have defined what skills in the future will help them to become successful and it is easy to enter to the UNIVERSITY. These skills not congenital, that is they can train, Inc writes.

is difficult to believe, but what the child at the age of 5 years is able to do, can affect his future chances of success. It has been told in the research published in the American magazine of public health care in 2015. But it at all not reading and not letter.

Is about social and emotional skills.

Why social and emotional skills are so important?

Researchers from Pennsylvania State University and Duke University have interviewed tutors of kindergartens about social and emotional competence of children. Teachers have weighed, how well children shared, listened to others, resolved problems with the peers and were useful.

Then researchers watched the same children when they became young people to look what happened to them. They have found out that children with the highest social and emotional estimates in kindergarten were more successful in general. Ability to postpone remuneration, to operate the emotions and behavior - are the cornerstone of a complex of skills which often call "social and emotional". They got higher education twice more often. They have also more chances to get good job aged up to 25 years.

But children who experienced difficulties with interaction weren't able to listen and resolve the conflicts, with smaller probability have left secondary school, not to mention institute. They to a thicket had problems with the law, and they used psychoactive substances more often. whether

needs to develop social and emotional skills?

Having all evidence confirming importance of social and emotional abilities why all of us put equally most part of our resources in training of children in the academic skills? They won't help our children to become emotionally competent. We have to take care of it, without relying on school.

I don't panic if your child has already graduated from kindergarten. You can train in it at any age - the main thing, to give to children the chance to practice everyday life.

Key skills: Consciousness: ability to distinguish own emotions and to build communications between the feelings, thoughts and behavior. Management of: ability to operate structurally the emotions, thoughts and behavior, self-checking. Social awareness: ability to put itself to the place of another and to show empathy. Skills of communication: ability to create and maintain the healthy relations. Responsibility in decision-making: ability to make the right decisions of rather own behavior and interaction with others. Exercises.

In the book "13 things which aren't done by clever parents" are described concrete exercises which teach children of all age to operate the to emotions



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