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The 18-year-old girl can be put for the fact that fought back the tyrant

Unexpected turn!

History occurred last summer in Tuapse. At the end of June the 18-year-old female resident of Khimki Darya Ageny arrived to the Black Sea coast of Kuban together with group of school students whom accompanied to the camp in the train from Moscow - wanted to earn additionally a little.

Having handed over the wards to leaders, the girl went to walk on the city and to swim in the sea.

All hotels were hammered by tourists, and Darya had to make on the Internet a reservation in hostel where there was a free bed. For an hour till midnight she left hostel to buy water. The round-the-clock outlet was not near, and Darya moved off in searches.

as a result, the visitor guys whom she met on the way helped to find water. They brought it to shop, and later began to see off back. Meters to hostel the girl thanked them for five hundred and told that she will reach.

"I began to rise uphill and suddenly felt that behind someone goes, - Darya Ageny says. - You know when to you look in a back, you feel this look. Turned back and saw the unfamiliar man. It became clear that he follows me, but not just on the way.

Ya very much was frightened and just in case got from the case lying in a beach bag a knife for sharpening of pencils. I like to draw and therefore I took with myself at the sea art accessories.

put the Knife in a hand under phone though it very much hoped that it is not useful to me and that in general all it seems to me".

But did not seem to it: the stranger caught up and began to ask questions. Like, why it such beautiful and where there is one. At the same time it constantly leaned on Dasha the body. "Boyfriend" was strongly drunk, and she tried to come off. However acceleration of a step did not help

, and to run uphill simply there were not enough forces. According to the girl, already absolutely near hostel the man suddenly pressed her to a fence or to a wall.

It understood that it is going to rape her. "When he seized with

me behind, I began to beat him the head with phone and to shout very loudly, - Darya continues. - I long enough shouted and is very a pity that nobody leaned out of a window, did not go outside.

as a result the man closed to me a mouth a hand and continued. When I understood that at me it is impossible to beat off shout, began to open a knife. It was rather difficult to be made, but as a result it turned out.

Ya was to it a back and began to wave a knife back, planning to get into a leg. Though actually I not especially understood where I beat and where it has a leg. After a while it released me and disappeared".

Darya decided to run for help to the guys who were seeing off her and found them in the same place where they left. Told everything to them, its began to calm. On a knife which the girl still squeezed in a hand it was not visible blood. And the trace of the attacking man quickly caught a cold.

"The next day I changed the ticket and returned to Moscow a bit earlier. It was terrible and unpleasant to me to be in Tuapse".

In a month when it already began a mustache



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