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The 150-year church has burned down completely. Only 1 picture of Jesus has escaped

There is all history. 1866 the South African churchman has written to

B the anthem under the name "Christ — a Basis of Church". the Song written to times of doctrinal disputes told

about recognition of church: it was not the building or the organization, and Christ, The Western Journal writes. the Fifth stanza proclaims

: "And here she in obshchenyi/with the Father and with Christ / And a cloud is embraced / witnesses around / their pleasure Is high! / Oh, give, the Lord, and to us / Like them, in smirenyi/to aspire to heaven!".

These words have enough found the reflection in Wakefield, the State of Massachusetts, on October 23.

according to the First Baptist church of Wakefield, their church ukraashat the horizon of this town of nearly 150 years.

the Congregation which is a part of the American Baptist churches has bragged of FBC Wakefield not only long history, but also bell tower height (55 meters).

Or, at least, in the past. In a flash this beauty was destroyed by lightning stroke.

the Resident of Wakefield Christian Bruno became the witness of this small tragedy. "I saw how the lightning has struck a spire. Then smoke has gone, and the church has flared fire", he said. Enough all shrine has been covered with a flame soon. However quickly it hasn't ended.

In the building even were people when everything has occurred. Surprisingly, but all were quickly evacuated, and nobody has suffered.

was very lucky People as only fire would slip from the bell tower in space rich with oxygen between a roof and a ceiling, the sad destiny would be provided to them.

the Flame has inflamed at 7 in the evening and continued to blaze almost all night long. Around church 100 firefighters have gathered to battle against elements.

of Susan Auld, one more witness to the fire, has told: "When windows were on fire, stained-glass windows directly shone - seemed as if it windows to hell. It was just awful, awful show". Perhaps, fire has reminded the observers that the church is a meeting of believers, but not a part of the real estate.

However has burned down not all.

Firefighters have found almost untouched icon of Jesus Christ among fragments. It hasn't been damaged by fire, water, soot or smoke. the Congregation plans to transfer by

a picture to the former pastor of church. And some, appear, realized importance of survival of this picture. "You just try to focus that the building - is simple the building, - Amy Byrd has told, - In the building there is no that love which happens there. She in us". And you agree that the building is just the building?

of Christina Zvarych.



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