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The 12-year-old girl has killed herself because of bullying. She was poisoned for love to mathematics!

What happens in schools?

it was called Stormiya Denson-Jackson. She was a 12-year-old girl whom very much I loved and the family appreciated her, Scubby writes. Therefore they have sent to

it to prestigious general education school board to provide her a good education.

But tragically, Stormiya has died on Tuesday, having committed suicide in the hostel in Washington. Her devastated mother says that scoffed at her.

of Pat Danson has told News4 that the seventh-grader has received awards at modeling competitions looked forward to entrance in the college.

of the Message on social networks also claim that the beautiful girl was called "botanist" because of her love to mathematics and sciences. her mother has told

: "She has told me that many children scoff at her, press on her. And when she has tried to tell employees, they with it have made nothing. But when she tried to fight back them, she was exposed the hooligan". Her death is investigated as obvious suicide, have reported sources in police. "I have sent the child there to study, but not to die, - she has told, - I just don't understand". Mother of the child accuses school that they badly looked after children. "They had to look to rooms to be convinced that the child on the place that is with him everything is all right - it is their duty.

shouldn't be dangerous There. They have even done nothing. My child could be here if not they, - Danson has told, - I have entrusted them her". After have found Stormiya's body, parents of her schoolmates were told to take away the children home. At least, for some time. "It is very sad that in 12 years you consider that the only decision is to commit suicide. It it is heart-breaking, - I have told Kaine Bedni-Wallace, mother of other pupil.

Ya mother of five children, and I can't even imagine it. I pray for this family. God grant him forces to pass through this nightmare". Earlier on Tuesday the school has issued the brief statement: "It is a pity to us, but it is necessary to report sad news: one of our pupils has unexpectedly died this morning.

Is, of course, the awful tragedy for family first of all and also for all from SEED DC, - it is said in the statement.

We ask you to respect confidentiality of family and mourning of all teachers and pupils". SEED DC is a general education school board at which 370 pupils aged from 6 up to 12 years study.

claims the Website of school opened in 1998: 91% of his graduates have come to college from which 80% have shown high progress there.

A what you think of the incident?

of Christina Zvarych.



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