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That is why to the man it is deadly to transfuse the woman's blood

The medicine walks with great strides, trying to correspond to rates of technical progress in every possible way. However there are laws of the nature - firm and unshakable.

the Speech in this case goes about intersexual distinctions which cannot be ignored during blood transfusion and organ transplantation in any way.

According to the review in the famous medical edition The Journal of the American Medical Association, biologically men and women very strongly differ that relevant concerning composition of blood of persons of a different floor.

Journalists claim that blood transfusion of the pregnant woman is fraught with danger of death to the man. The last risk to face a lethal outcome in 20% of cases! At the same time blood not of pregnant women does not constitute special danger to representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Therefore, blood transfusion according to the scheme "female male" is also not connected with any consequences for activity.

In this case the result of operation in many respects depends on a sex of the patient and the donor. As an example the procedure of heart transplantation will be considered. Numerous researches, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association, confirmed that survival of body is much higher if the donor and the recipient have one floor. Serious consequences are caused first of all by a difference in sizes of bodies of women and men.

For example, female heart is much less men's that has the natural biological reason. The organism of the man needs to cope with much stronger blood-groove for unit of time.

Therefore, to women it is impossible to replace bodies of men. Otherwise the risk of rejection of donor fabric during the postoperative period and the next years increases. Plus, the probability of a lethal outcome of the patient increases. Rambler reports about it.



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