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That is why it is so important to celebrate every birthday your children

It for the sake of them! it is more important to

to Celebrate every birthday the child, than you think. It is a certain ritual when your child can feel to himself especially important, one may say, king of day, Naran Xadul writes.

We understand that there are also hard times and that huge parties every year - it is very unprofitable, but all of us deserve some special cake and at least a couple of candles this day, truly?

according to Magda Gerber, the expert in education of children, during the celebration to the child it is necessary to undertake a role of your chief assistant. And not just "take", "give", "make", and the assistant who will also be able to direct, as well as you. If it takes

control over a holiday, it will help him to develop very important for future quality, to learn to solve problems and to express itself creatively.


1. His self-assessment will improve.

It will be his day. He will have his favourite cake, jewelry which will be pleasant to him, and people who most of all love him. Your child will know that it is a holiday, very important for you.

2. You will maintain family traditions.

Lack of money isn't justification for your child - it is very unpleasant not to have special day for him it. Understand

that rather just to bake or buy cake and to thrust into him several candles that your child has understood as far as it is important for you. It isn't obligatory for you to throw huge parties.

3. He will be closer to people whom loves.

If you show love to the child in his special day, he will understand as far as it is important also for others. He will become kinder and will learn to share the joy with friends, will respect also their traditions and will never forget to wish them happy birthday.

4. They will learn to find solutions in any situations.

your children will understand that there are different ways of celebration and that sometimes not everything turns out as there is a wish. It will teach them to be flexible and steady.

They will also know that is really important: family nearby, but not existence fashionable or expensively to a gift and crowd of the people in the house.

5. You will create positive memoirs.

For children preparation for a party on the occasion of a birthday is also fascinating, as well as an action. Let it will become a part of everything, as for his holiday. From this quite fascinating photos can turn out!

6. They will understand what is growing process. your child will learn

With every birthday how it - to mature. Don't forget to take pictures that he visually saw how time flies and as it is important to appreciate each his minute. Now you understand

why it is important to celebrate every year and not just when you have spare cash?

of Christina Zvarych.



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