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Test drive of Mitsubishi Outlander: nice to meet you

Now crossovers let out (or try to do it) most car makers of the world. It turns out not at all. But Mitsubishi Outlander our reservation definitely doesn't concern as it is one of the best cars among "Japanese" of such class.

In the Russian market of crossovers now so many that you will be exhausted to choose. For every taste and color. At everything at this Mitsubishi Outlander people buy, and is quite active (recently the hundred-thousandth copy has descended from the Kaluga plant of brand). The people don't confuse even the fact that the model at the moment, in general not new, though has undergone restyling recently.

the Factor of selfless love and devotion to a brand in this case shouldn't be taken into consideration. The economic shocks, almost continuous throughout the last years, in the country which have become for us something natural have taught people not to dream on this or that brand for a long time, and to accurately consider that how much. Only the person buying the car in a premium segment is able to afford to be the fan of a brand.

Than bribes Outlander? Briefly it is difficult to answer. Externally the car looks is modern, in the present "samurai spirit". This term your correspondent describes for himself present draft of stylists of the Japanese brands to give expressly an Asian section of eyes to "muzzles" of the cars - all these narrow headlights flowing on forward wings, prevalence of the horizontal elements of a front bumper, "grill" of a forward edge of a cowl, etc. which are strongly inclined sideways or in general. In this sense of Outlander is completely in a trend, without conceding in anything to Asian competitors from the point of view of design.

Inside the car as if in the peak of the "yaponisty" appearance, most of all reminds a car for the American market. In sense of options prisustvut, in principle, full gentlemen's set here. There are heatings of everything what it is necessary, including a wheel and also the rear-view camera, the electric drive of the fifth door, leather and qualitative plastic in finishing, etc.

Very pleasant impression, by the way, has made "multiphysician", installed on this Mitsubishi. In difference, I will notice, from the similar systems of many Asian and European competitors. Also it is not about the number of inches at a touchscreen or indispensable fashion for friendship of the car with all "apples" and "androids" in the world. In this case it is worth praising so-called "usability" - how the menu and access to options, media carriers and other is organized. Everything simple, intuitively clear also doesn't demand from the user of accustoming to hi-tech, sometimes even beautiful, but at the same time to crooked troubles as it happens at "we won't remember in vain" what car makers.

Personally I prefer simplicity and "ergonomics" of the software of any gadget to attempts of developers to blow my mind plainly unclaimed "frills". Here when cars will become completely autonomous, then - please: it is possible to turn her electronic stuffing into similarity of the smartphone with peace of mind. All the same in this situation to the driver on the way tolite



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