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Test drive: Harley-Davidson of FAT BOY "114" - From a decline till the dawn

I am sure that I have made a catastrophic mistake, at first having tested Harley-Davidson Heritage, and only then - Fat Boy. Still in a trance from as far as two motorcycles of one series constructed on one chassis can differ. Having written big negative material about Fat Boy, then I potusovat with Hog'ami and have taken a timeout - on 250 more km of a run. Also I have rewritten him completely. I need your clothes, your boots and motorcycle! Zhezelnogolovoma Arney of it it has appeared enough. But still a helmet and gloves are required for us. Having ridden Harley-Davidson Fat Boy only long enough, you understand an essence of inflexible leather biker jackets from 6-mm skin and also the boot capable to sustain arrival of KAMAZ: need.

Selection of equipment for driving on Fat Boy has taken day. Goldvingovsky has been rejected by casual at once as unsuitable: the place of motor-boats was taken by army boots with a steel sock, kevlar denim and a textile jacket were replaced by thick "turingovy" Eagle1 and leather "bomber jacket". But also it has gone to a hanger. From a distant suitcase "bulletproof" leather trousers are taken, and the jacket from turingovy overalls has appeared from rather thick skin to sustain pressure of circumstances. Externally looked so-so, but as far as it became more comfortable!

When driving such motorcycle as Fat Boy, it isn't necessary to count on goodwill of an environment on the road: you or scare away all, or constantly in the tail - one or the other and to dominate on the highway not easy for a number of reasons. And considering purity of the Russian roads, good protection - the inevitable requirement: from under the wheels which are ahead everything flies. This time the trip openly has nearly led a flip-up to accident: to me has arrived in an eyebrow! Something rigid and heavy. In couple of centimeters below, and - in points or without them, it isn't important - there would be no eye. Do you continue to ride in a bandana and mirror points a la Road Police? Good luck!.. So, that for an animal - Fat Boy? This model of the Softail series one of the main in a line, the business card of Harley-Davidson. The low and dlizanny cruiser on fat "bagels". Looks smartly - the photographer's dream: it is a lot of juicy foreshortenings, from everyone to mold the poster in a garage. By the way, in 2015 Fat Boy has celebrated the 25 anniversary.

B is mute a lot of things not as adherents of the Japanese and European motoprom have got used to see. If to be more precisely, all - not so. Otherwise.

160th forward wheel... Hey, the dude, to you on mounting the back wheel instead of forward was delivered!.

is Behind established huge "skating rink" 240/40 R18. And this attribute of style in general defines all character of the motorcycle. Hog? Rhinoceros! When the rhinoceros rushes through the jungle, problems of the animals who have appeared on the way, don't concern a rhinoceros.

of Fat Boy - naturally, a rhinoceros. Straight line, as tower, only horizontal. And he isn't similar to Heritage Classic at all - as if two different motorcycles though both from the Softail series - and, in principle, on the identical chassis, but other details change character considerably.

of Times in life it needed to be tried: to disperse on F



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