Date: 8 months ago   Category: Incidents

Terrorists were caught on new meanness on Donbass: what has occurred

Terrorists in a zone of carrying out Operation of the Integrated forces break "school" truce, firing at positions of the Ukrainian military and interfering with activity of Special monitoring mission of OSCE.

"Despite the announcement next, now - "school" truce, the Ukrainian side of the General center for control and coordination of questions of ceasefire and stabilization of the line of demarcation of the parties continues to register the numerous facts of violations of the Minsk agreements from paramilitary groups of the Russian Federation. During the period 152 cases of violation of a ceasefire regime by fighters of paramilitary groups of the Russian Federation are registered from August 25 to August 31. At the same time they 27 times have used arms, forbidden by the Minsk agreements", - reports the press center of the headquarters of OOS.

Terrorists used tanks, seven times twice - the artillery systems of 122-mm caliber, four times - mortars of 120-mm caliber and 14 times - mortars of 82 mm.

"Especially actively paramilitary groups of the Russian Federation used arms, forbidden Minsk to arrangements, during the period from August 24 to August 27 with the purpose to cause the maximum fire loss on the eve of "school" truce. It is confirmed by fixing of 6 firings of settlements as a result of which one has died and two civilians have been wounded", - have noted in the headquarters.

of All since the beginning of truce invaders of 41 times have broken a ceasefire regime. From August 25 to August 31 73 cases of violations of investment of funds of fire defeat from fighters are established, including behind lines of branch. SMM OSCE have found 12 units of arms, outside the allocated areas of branch - 17 units and also 44 units of armored machinery.

"Besides, on August 27 and Yasinovataya on August 29 is broken by conducting exercises with combat firing in Horlivka the decision of Tripartite contact group from 3/3/2016 of year on the ban of conducting exercises with combat firing in a safety zone. And placement of heavy weapons in Horlivka violates the decision of Tripartite contact group from 3/2/2018 of year on the ban of his placement in settlements", - it is told in the message. Terrorists prevent

observation activity of SMM. From August 25 to August 31 they blocked access of 19 times.



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