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Terrible road accident with the ambulance in Zhytomyr: two cars flew to the house, it is a lot of victims, shots

Terrible road accident with "ambulance" occurred in Zhytomyr: the car of physicians together with one more car crashed into a house
Accident happened on the intersection of streets of Ivan Mazepa and Dombrovsky on December 8 about 10:30 in the morning. Told about it in patrol force of the Zhytomyr region.

At the intersection the car of ambulance faced Hyundai Santa Fe then both cars flew in a house.

as a result suffered 8 people - drivers and passengers of cars. They were hospitalized. The nature of their injuries is not known yet.

In turn, in the press service of GSChS of the Zhytomyr region reported that after collision the driver of Hyundai was clamped by car designs, and it had to be taken the special equipment.

"From blow the driver of Hyundai was clamped by designs. By means of a petrolcut and the hydraulic tool rescuers cut driver's doors and deblocked the man", - told in department.

Proceeds clarification of all circumstances of accident.

In network appeared numerous photos and video from the place of terrible accident. Earlier we reported

that in the downtown the aggressive young man pushed the passerby under truck wheels. The driver did not manage to slow down and ran over the man. The surveillance camera photographed as the young man in a hood pushed the passerby directly under truck wheels.

Before it, apparently from record, the delusioned tried to push the woman passing by, however something stopped it. Further he waited the following victim - the man - and pushed it under car wheels.

the Truck driver did not manage to react and ran over the fallen passerby. the Criminal glanced

under wheels, was convinced that "mission" is executed and slowly left.

In media is reported that the victim was taken in a serious condition to hospital - multiple fractures, the lung is injured. But, allegedly, nothing threatens life of the man.

of the Attacker detained in several hours thanks to records of video cameras.

the Incident occurred in the center of Los Angeles, the USA.




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