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Team championship of the world: Minor chord

The Ukrainian national team remained behind line of prize-winners of the World Cup finishing in Astana.

the Outcome of a team championship of the world turned out for Ukrainians - could not be worse!

the Match of a final round against the national team of China the Ukrainian women's team frankly failed. Frankly speaking, even after long wanderings on back streets of the memory did not remember such telling blow.

Only on the first board in party between two ex-world champions Maria Muzychuk and Tan of Zhongi was observed equality. Competitors quickly enough passed into an equal pawn end-game and on the 40th to the course concluded the peace agreement. And here on other boards of arguments against energetic play of the team from Celestial Empire at our girls was not.

Anna Muzychuk, playing against Shen Yang, allowed doubling of boats white which the competitor, on an important central vertical and penetration of "lazutchitsa" into "camp" played. the 30-year-old native of Nanjing was most exact at realization of the advantage, and on the 45th to the course Anna was forced to recognize the defeat.

Anna Ushenina to whom Lei Tingjie resisted at some point overestimated force of the attack: the imaginary activity of figures became insufficient compensation for a lack of pawn material. The opponent of our chess player was precisely protected, and as a result of the got material advantage of 22-year Len quite was enough for a victory.

Inna Gaponenko in party against Ding Ixin in the equal mittelshpil allowed a number of wrong maneuvers by heavy figures because of what considerably worsened the position and, having got under the attack of the competitor, was forced to recognize the defeat. A deplorable result of a match - defeat of Ukrainians with the score 0,5:3,5.

As well as at the previous World Chess Olympiad, quite could help out our national team, but did not help out the Russian. Last year their passivity or if you want, not fighting spirit in a duel of the last round against Chinese women turned back deprivation of the Ukrainian national team of gold, and the peacefulness of Russians now emphasized in a duel against Georgians (and in many parties they had advantage) costed to our team of medals. I will notice that only ex-Ukrainian Katerina Lagno in a ladeyny end-game with an excess pawn long looked for ways to a victory over Béla Hotenashvili, however it is vain. The draw in this party marked also a draw in a match Georgia - Russia.

Thus, the second after the Chinese women who ahead of schedule ensured gold became Russians, the third - Georgians. Our girls, having scored identical quantity of match points with Georgians, conceded to them on additional indicators. Alas, in the third in a row World Cup the Ukrainian women's national team does without awards. The World Cup, unlike the World Chess Olympiad (where we practically every time with medals), is truly some bewitched tournament for our girls. Maria Muzychuk played

in this championship on the first board and, in general, confirmed the high level. Marichka did not lose any game. At the same time gained a number of bright



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