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Tangerines will help to strengthen health

Tangerines - obligatory attribute of any New Year's table. We tell about the main advantages of this citrus which will precisely convince you to add tangerines to a daily diet.

Why needs to include tangerines in a diet?

1. They contain a lot of
vitamin C
Tangerines and oranges are a great choice for those who try to reduce amount of sugar in the diet. These fruit are not only incredibly fragrant and juicy, but also useful, they contain a large amount of vitamin C.

• Ascorbic acid in a large number contains in tangerines, is irreplaceable for a human body. This substance not only improves work of bodies of a cardiovascular system, but also accelerates process of healing of superficial wounds.

• Tangerines contain a large amount of iron for this reason they help to strengthen bones and teeth.

• Vitamin C stimulates process of production of collagen and carotene.

Karotin is chemical compound which accelerates process of oxidation of fatty acids and stimulates power generation.

Exactly thanks to useful substances in the structure tangerines help to regulate process of combustion of fat in fatty cages at the chemical level.

How to learn, is necessary to your organism vitamin C? If you are still not sure of whether it is worth including tangerines in the diet, we advise attentively to read this article.

2. Tangerines help to struggle with cancer
Free radicals and highly active molecules generate process of irreversible destruction in cells of internals. Improper feeding, wearisome trainings, a stress, alcohol and tobacco addiction, the use of certain medicines is the reason of such reaction and it is a lot of other adverse factors.

as a result, process of aging accelerates, and in work of nervous and cardiovascular systems there are serious violations.

Fresh tangerines contain a large amount of vitamins C and E, carotene and flavonoids. These substances neutralize oxidation process, helping to fight against cancerogenic cages thus. you Trust

or not, but according to results of numerous researches, these irreplaceable substances reduce side effects which often result from chemotherapy and radiation which the person receives during cancer therapy of lungs, a stomach, a prostate gland, other

3. Tangerines help at anemia
Anemia is one of the most widespread frustration around the world.

is the Reason of development of this disease the low level of hemoglobin in blood. Hemoglobin is a substance which is responsible for intake of oxygen to blood cells.

• Vitamin C in large numbers contains in tangerines, stimulates process of digestion of iron by bodies of a gastrointestinal system and will mobilize work of all internals.

• According to results of numerous researches, only 25-75 mg of vitamin C are capable



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