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Taffen: We still suffer from a capacity shortage

In anticipation of Gran Pri the chief mechanic of Renault Remy Taffen has told Italy about modernization of power plants and about preparation by 2019.

Question: What expectations do you connect with Gran Pri of Italy?

Remy Taffen: It is a difficult race where depends on engine capacity much. Already in Spa we have met serious difficulties, and Monza imposes at least the same requirements. We do everything that in our forces to show good result. On cars there will be power plants which have fulfilled very little, and we will be able to squeeze out of them a maximum, using the aggressive modes which are now applied in qualifications.

Question: Can you tell about the upgraded version of the engine, so-called "specification C"?

Remy Taffen: This further development of the specification B, t. е current version of the engine. The updated engine differs in the increased power, however, perhaps, it isn't so reliable therefore each team makes the choice. In the qualification mode on such route as Monza, depending on the used fuel the gain of power will allow to pass circles about 0,3 seconds faster, and it is a noticeable step forward.

Question: Who will use the newest version of the engine?

Remy Taffen: As I have already mentioned, everything depends on tactics of teams and the purposes which face them in the remained season races. Red Bull Racing will use this version in Monza since trainings as now their priority - results, and the rivals taking lower positions in the championship don't concern them.

Neither we, nor McLaren use the latest specification yet: reliability and stability are more important for performance of tasks which face us in this season.

Question: In power plants which stand on Renault cars there were more reliable and easy MGU-K motor-generators and what in this plan it is possible to tell about client teams?

Remy Taffen: Now this MGU-K version is used only by Renault. McLaren and Red Bull Racing haven't wanted to make the changes necessary for her integration to a design. At first they want to estimate the risks connected with reliability to which we have paid their attention. Nevertheless, reacting to the demands of Red Bull Racing made by team after Max Verstappen's descent from a distance Gran Pri of Hungary we have developed advanced, more reliable MGU-K version - it is used by both client teams.

Question: In Spa Nicko Hyulkenberg has been fined and started from a penultimate row as by his car have changed the power plant. Whether you expect that until the end of a season there will be new similar penalties?

Remy Taffen: Nicko will lose ten positions on start in Monza after the incident during the past week-end. It would be tactically reasonable to park on him the car the new power plant. Then until the end of a season we have to avoid the penalties connected with replacement of engines.

Question: As you estimate results 13 taken place Gran Pri and that you can tell about the following се



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