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Sweden first-ever has forbidden to beat children. Even on a bottom!

Sweden first-ever has forbidden to beat children. Even on a bottom!
The most progressive country.

So far in Ukraine argue on admissibility of manhandling concerning children, and in Russia in general have cancelled criminal liability for beating of relatives, in Sweden already several generations grow in conditions of the legislative ban of corporal punishments.

Not so long ago Swedes with might and main used birches in education of children.

Some law-abiding Swedes even went 150 years ago to public library where read councils: how exactly what birch, from what tree it is better to beat the children. To beat advised to begin a bit earlier until the child has deteriorated.

of the First was publicly exorcized about inadmissibility of slaps by the great children's writer Astrid Lindgren.

B 1978 at a ceremony of delivery of a prestigious "Award of the world" by her in Germany she has delivered the speech which right there has flown the whole world. Simple words she said that roots of the aggression overflowing our world lie at the very beginning of our life - in the childhood. And the child receiving the first lesson of violence from parents believes that it is possible to solve all problems only with his help.

Here the strongest part of her performance: "Once I have met the pastor's wife who has told that when she was young and I have given birth to the first child, she didn't trust in a beating though punishment of children birches was then very widespread.

But once when the son was 4 or 5 years old, he has created such prank that the wife of the pastor has decided to pour, despite the principles, to the son birches - for the first time in life. She has told the son that he has gone to the yard and itself has found for itself a rod.

of the Boy long wasn't and when he has returned, his face was wet from tears. He has told: "Mother, I haven't found a rod, but have found a stone which you can throw into me". At this moment mother has suddenly understood

how the situation from the point of view of the child looked: if my mother wants to hurt me, then there is no difference as she will make it, she can make it a stone equally well.

Mother has put the son to herself on knees, and they have together cried. She has put a stone on the kitchen shelf as a reminder that violence is not an exit. you ask

: so if we cease to punish children, we will grow up a new look Goma the sapiens, all instantly will become kind, and wars will stop? No, of course. Only children's writers can trust in such utopia. This poor world needs a heap of reforms and changes.

But our children watch TV, they see how there is a lot of on the earth of aggression, and, perhaps, consider that it is the only way to solve all problems. And we right now, in the house, can show them that there is other way.

won't prevent All of us a stone on the kitchen shelf to remember: "No to violence!"" This speech of Astrid Lindgren has generated in Sweden heated disputes about physical punishments. In 1979 Sweden became the first country in the world which has completely forbidden corporal punishments of children as at school, and at home.

As to Swedes was succeeded to be reconstructed?

the Secret of the law of 1979 that he didn't remain a N



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