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Surprising aspirin: 9 situations when not to manage

Since the 5th century salicylic acid is used for pain relief and calm of inflammation and also at treatment of heart diseases and prevention of clots of blood. Today it is the main component of aspirin. However there is many surprising use of this medicine which we definitely do not know, writes lavender.

Here the first 9 use of aspirin:

1. It is useful in case of stings of insects and stings. with

to facilitate inflammation and the naggers in case of stings or stings of insects, wipe this tablet over them. Do not forget that you have to visit the doctor if you have an allergy to stings of bees.

2. It dries up pimples.

Even after a phase of teenage age people can sometimes get pimples, but they can be dried up effectively with aspirin use. First, you need to crush a tablet and to moisten it with a small amount of water. Secondly, apply this paste on area and leave it to work within several minutes. At last, wash it with water with soap. Reddening will be removed, and the pimple will gradually disappear.

3. It can rejuvenate skin
Salicylic acid in aspirin reddening, hypostases and eels treats and also deletes dead cells of leather and excess oils. At first you have to crush five tablets of aspirin, and then mix them about ¼ glasses of water and a honey teaspoon. When it is ready, simply apply mix to skin and let's it act within 10 minutes. At the end wash with warm water. If you use this mask more often, it will treat all problems with skin and to considerably rejuvenate skin.

4. It treats rigid callosities.

At first needs to be crushed 5 aspirinovykh of tablets, and then to mix them with lemon juice and a half of a teaspoon of honey. Besides, apply paste on firm callosities standing and wrap a leg in a warm towel. After that fix it by plastic foil. Only in 10 minutes remove a wrapper, and effects you will surprise!

5. Deletes dandruff.

you have to crush 2 tablets of aspirin and make small powder. Then add this powder to the shampoo, and in a couple of minutes you can wash up it, as usual. This combination effectively treats and prevents dandruff.

6. It eliminates sweat spots.

Is surprising how this simple trick can help you to get rid of spots on your clothes. Just crush couple of tablets of aspirin and add them to a half of a glass of water. After that wash out the painted part in mix and leave it thus within several hours.

7. Restores hair color
If your hair are painted in light colors, then, unfortunately, the chlorinated water can strongly damage them. Nevertheless, you can return the gloss and volume if you dissolve 8 tablets of aspirin in a glass of warm water and wipe with solution on hair. You have to leave it to work about 10-15 minutes.

8. It purifies fat from ware.

you have to prepare cleaning paste, having mixed several crushed aspirin and it is a little water. Then wipe with it ware, and резул



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