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Suprun gave to Ukrainians advice how quickly to fall asleep and told why harmfully not to fill up

Everyone has the optimum time when to go to bed and how many hours are necessary for rest. For most of healthy people is 7-9 hours of a dream daily.

is necessary For children more hours of a dream and the less child, the more he has to sleep. And here people are more senior than 65 years, 7-8 hours a day can sleep, and it is normal.

"At the same time should consider body signals: whether well you feel at a seven-hour dream? There is a problem with excess weight or chronic diseases? You are dependent on caffeine? Do not you fall asleep driving?", - Suprun noted.

according to the minister, is important to adhere to golden mean.

"If is daily necessary for you a lot of dream - it can indicate problems with health. Not the dream harms. Just considerable need for a dream, inability to wake up in the morning, desire to sleep in the afternoon because the sleep quality bad, is indicated chronic problems: depressions, chronic fatigue, respiratory standstill in a dream", - Suprun reported.

So, people who sleep much have more chances to ache with diabetes, obesity, in them the back can hurt and even not be enough vitamin D because in the afternoon?? they are not on the street.

For that who have on the contrary problems with sleep deficit, Suprun listed the reasons for which it is worth changing it and to begin to sleep more: The shortage of one hour of a dream is reflected in a state four more days. The chronic lack of a dream conducts to a set of weight - there is less hormone of saturation of a leptin, and more hormone of appetite of a grelin. If it is not enough or to sleep badly, then it is more than chances to develop dementia or cardiovascular diseases, and to weaken the immune system and fertility. Substantially these processes hormone and a neurotransmitter adjusts the melatonin which is emitted at night and during sleep. The plan to sleep off at the weekend for all week effectless. Sufficient time of a dream hypothalamuses-hypophyses-adrenal glands will really improve glucose exchange, activity of a thyroid gland and work of a so-called "axis of a stress", but about if continue not to fill up again, all negative consequences will return. It is necessary to sleep daily enough, and it is desirable to lay down and rise at the same time. The lack of a dream is perceived by a brain as uneasiness. The person risks to get to a vicious circle: to wake up in the middle of the night, to think of treason, next day to feel fatigue and still great concern, and again not to sleep because of a double obeskurazhivaniye. At everyone the хронотип, that is physiologically optimum time of falling asleep and awakening. Really, there are owls and larks - people whose biological rhythms of allocation of cortisol of morning and melatonin for the night disperse for a couple of hours. It is caused genetically. In neurons within a day there are active genes of Per, tim, both Cry, and their work controls excitability of neurons. To change the хронотип essentially it will not turn out. With age biorhythms change, and sleep disorders are added to them. So, people of advanced age become inclined to rise at sunrise and to sleep in the afternoon. Alcohol spoils a dream. That, h



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