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Supper consequences: why it is impossible to eat before going to bed

The question "Why It Is Impossible to Eat Before Going to Bed?" torments many people. Evening having a snack not only leads to a fast set of excess weight, but also causes a number of problems with health. Insomnia, obesity, various diseases and presenilation - all this waits for the one who regularly fills a stomach with food several minutes prior to a dream, writes "FB".

Why getting hungry?

Most likely, you faced the following situation: hours show that till midnight there were only 60 minutes, and pulls you on kitchen as a magnet. In this case not the weak will power, but splash in hormones is guilty. The matter is that night time for an organism is the period from 22 to 6 o'clock. If the person doesn't sleep, then the stomach begins production of hormone of hunger of a grelin. At the same time blood system signals about decrease in level of sugar. These two processes also force you to go to kitchen at night.

What is it is impossible?

Many people ask a question: Whether "It is possible to eat for the night?" The last meal has to take place approximately in 4 hours prior to a dream. The organism will manage to digest the substances which have come to it during this time. What products categorically can't be eaten before going to bed?

- Carbohydrates: porridges, thermally processed vegetables, flour products and sweets.

- Fruit - useful products, but it is possible to regale on them in 3 hours prior to a dream. The matter is that they promote active release of gastric juice. As a result of people feels strong hunger.

- Proteinaceous food doesn't belong to what can be eaten before going to bed. It isn't necessary to consume too many dairy products, eggs and cottage cheese, seafood and bean before going to a bed. Cottage cheese in moderate quantities not only won't do much harm to health, but also will improve a condition of muscles of all body.

- Refuse a large number of meat and a bird for dinner. Ideal option - boiled chicken fillet. This dish will support a tone of muscles after unlucky day, especially useful it will be after sports activities.

Nutritionists still haven't come to a consensus about whether it is possible to eat for the night a persimmon. This product contains huge amount of vitamins and necessary for the person macro - and minerals. On the other hand, a lot of sugar is a part of a persimmon. Carbohydrates, food fiber and tannic acids are the cause of caries. If you have a disease of kidneys, the regular use of a persimmon can worsen your health.

What can be eaten before going to bed?

Is unconditional, it is impossible to change a diet sharply. It will create a stress for an organism. Therefore it is necessary to disaccustom itself to late having a snack gradually. With it you will be helped by products which can be eaten shortly before a dream. Walnuts, apples without peel concern them, pears, a persimmon, avocado and a melon, cabbage and tomato, there are a little greens. Berries - a product which can be eaten in any quantities.

the Good choice will be an omelet with broccoli. Sometimes it is possible to afford a small plate of boiled potatoes, it is a little beet and carrots. Bananas are resolved in moderated количест



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