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Supermotor-: Alexander Latyshev is the champion of Lithuania, the prize-winner of Latvia

Alexander Latyshev had fruitful this season on a medal in supermotor-: champion title of Lithuania, bronze prize-winner of Latvia, prize-winner of stages of the Russian championship.

MOTORCYCLE RACES. RU, on October 29, 2018 -

Motorcycle races. ру: Sasha, yesterday you had a rewarding in Lithuania, and it is already the fourth title in S1, and long ago you participate in the Lithuanian championship?

Alexander Latyshev: This championship for me has begun in the 2006th, with a victory in qualification and the first arrival. And since then I participate in him in the main class.

Motorcycle races. ру: How there was a fight for a title this year?

Alexander Latyshev: There were 7 stages, in different weather conditions. Not everything went well, there were victories, there was an admission, a trauma and technical problems, but the title is taken.

Motorcycle races. ру: Tell slightly in more detail.

Alexander Latyshev: The admission was as have gone to the European championship with Ivan Mosin. The penultimate stage went with a trauma after the cycle training... in four days prior to a race almost on 5 cm the knot in a leg was thrust. So performed with drainages, in bandage moreover and the race was rain..., but I have won. And the final stage - an absolute victory.

Motorcycle races. ру: The competition strong in the championship?

Alexander Latyshev: Competitors are. Also we fight, and on qualification not always at me at first. The most serious in a class - Patrick Pals, Prans Pals, Ayrault Madison. In general, to this championship there come racers from Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Finland. The skeleton of athletes habitual, private traders, generally is children of 25-26 years.

Motorcycle races. ру: You were the only Russian?

Alexander Latyshev: Full season in S1 - yes, and so on separate stages there came Artem Teslenko, Ilya Shcheglov, Semyon Buchin, still children.

Motorcycle races. ру: Besides a title in Lithuania, than the season-2018 will still be remembered?

Alexander Latyshev: Bronze in the championship of Latvia S1, but, besides, not all stages went. the 3rd place at the Bulgarian stage of the European championship. Poland - the 2nd place at one stage. the 11th place as a part of Russian national team in Supermotor-the Nations in Spain.

Motorcycle races. ру: And how there was the Russian championship?

Alexander Latyshev: Because of slips in the calendar the Russian stages had to be offered: I have passed 3 stages and in which I participated, I have won the first stage, in the others I was the second. Our LM1296 team became the silver prize-winner in a team competition in Russia.

Motorcycle races. ру: How progress of your pupils?

Alexander Latyshev: Pavel Trubiner has taken silver in the prime minister class of the championship of Russia, has shown good speed on fast Supermoto Natsy Route.

Ivan Mosin in a class of 85 cc the champion of Lithuania, Latvia, became the second in the championship of Estonia. Prior to the final I went on the third place in the European championship and I have finished it in TOP-5. For the first year - good result.

Motorcycle races. ру: Before this season we communicated at the Moto-Zima exhibition, you promised to prepare seriously. Everything worked well?

Alexander Latyshev: Preparation was serious. In February-March trained, and in April races in Italy have begun, I starat



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