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Superleague: In a pursuit of the leader

Games of this tour between the defending champion of the country of Barkomom-Kazhana and the third in rating "Heart of Podolia" were postponed because of participation of the Lviv club in the international tournament in Poland.

I, predictably, the vinnichena, though conceded on a visit to the favourite twice, nevertheless frayed to it nerves much. Besides, the day before they received a good reinforcement in the person of the basic of Libero of the national team of Ukraine and, temporarily, we hope, the Kharkiv Lokomotiv of Denis Fomin which sank Into oblivion. It, running forward, and in new team at once got accustomed, accurately operating on reception and in protection.

In the first duel two initial parties turned out very intense what already the fact that in them rivals exchanged "courtesies" in superlimit lotteries "on more-less" eloquently demonstrates to. In a starting set to parity 23:23 wards of the Vinnytsia trainer Valery Kopylov constantly were in the lead, their separation even reached four points (17:13 and 19:15). But in this party Fortuna smiled sponsored the Lviv mentor Ugis Krastinsh. But in following in which too all the time ahead there were guests (to its middle - 14:9), the lottery ending was behind "Heart of Podolia".

When in the third set, conceding 7:10, the vinnichena made powerful breakthrough and transformed the account in own favor (14:11), appear, that this turning point will become defining. However the timeout taken by Krastinsh brought down spirit at guests and it was caught by owners who successfully had for replacement Mihail Bieber, having brought to team some of very important points. Plus a magnificent game on Yury Semenyuk's block (for a match nine times "covered" blows of the vis-a-vis), in Oleg Shevchenko and Evgeny Kisilyuk's attack led to the fact that after those 14:11 vinnichana managed to type only three points. Well, and the fourth party in which "vampires" at once made powerful breakthrough (8:3) already passed under their dictation.

At Lviv residents in this match especially caused a stir in Shevchenko - 25 points (efficiency - 67%), Semenyuk - 19 (63%), Kisilyuk - 18 (52%) and Bieber - 16 (50%). And at винничан the best indicators had Vladimir Sidorenko - 24 (50%), Stanislav Lizanets - 16 (44%) and Sergey Rudenko - 9 (64%).

For a full picture we will provide statistical data on game points Overweight in their balance on the party of Lviv residents - 110:95 (the attack - 65:59, giving - 7:6, the block - 17:3, the rival mistakes - 21:27). As we see, owners especially surpassed opponents on the block. Only, in what they conceded, so it by number of the made mistakes that quite explainably their risky actions, especially on giving. the Ordinary phrase "who does not risk

- that does not drink champagne", was confirmed and next day in the second match won by Lviv residents it is far easier in three parties at overall balance 75:58 (the attack - 43:27, giving - 8:4, the block - 10:5, the rival mistakes - 14:22).

At owners a 10-point boundary exceeded Bieber - 16 (from them - 1 ace the 3rd block), Kisilyuk - 15 (4 2) and Semenyuk - 13 (1 4), and at guests - only Sidorenko - 11 (1 1).

In the first set to the vinnichena conducted 16:14, but then breakthrough соверш



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