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Superhot with mechanics of XCOM is the press about a demo of John Wick Hex for E3

In May the announcement of John Wick Hex - tactics from Bithell Games studio took place. On present E3 journalists played the early version of a game and shared the impressions.

At first sight John Wick Hex seems a habitual tactical game. Our ward goes on the field lined on hexagons, and from "war fog" there are opponents who need to be killed. However developers tried to transfer dynamics of cine firefights in the game.

Judging by foreign previews, one of the main resources in a game - time. In the top part of the screen the scale prompting is located when the enemy strikes blow or will shoot. So far you decide that? to do next, the pause is included, and then John and his opponents at the same time start moving.

In an arsenal of the Belarusian killer is a set of actions: it is possible to shoot, move, attack in infighting, to take up arms of the killed foe (the ammunition is limited) or to throw a gun into the opponent. Each action takes away different amount of time - focus in choosing such sequence of decisions at which villains will not manage to live up to the first attack. It, of course, ideally - Wyk does not die of the first wound so the player has a right for a mistake.

Levels in a demo lasted on several minutes. Authors of a game place emphasis on an unceasing action (as far as it in general is possible in tactics genre) - after appearance of the first enemy fight practically does not stop. According to the employee of PC Gamer, encourages aggressive style of play - that is unsurprising if to consider initial material.

of the Press mentions that in the release version of tactics the repetition mode will appear, however on E3 it was not shown. There are no details about the mode yet - it is possible to assume that it turns record of passing into continuous an action scene without painful pauses on reflections.

according to media, John Wick Hex great transmits spirit of movies, creating chaotic, furious fights where the account goes on seconds, and the gun thrown into the enemy can save to the hero life. Pursuits by cars or horses in a format of tactics, of course, will not be, but the developer of a game Mike Bithell assured that in process of passing in new types of enemies and weapon will appear.

In the subject plan is not retelling of movies, and the prequel which is thought up together with film affairs. It is already known that Winston and Charon's roles in a game are executed by Ian McShane and Lance Reddick respectively. And here about whether Keanu Reeves participates in the project, authors do not say yet.

of John Wick Hex will come to PC, Mac and consoles (on what, it is not specified). The computer version will be a temporary exclusive of Epic Games Store.



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