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Superblossoming, deer albinos and a new type of missions - details about Far Cry: New Dawn

After the announcement of Far Cry: New Dawn the Ubisoft company posted on the channel video with additional data on a game. Authors told of the world of New Dawn and beings who inhabit it. As you already know

, action of the fighter happens 17 years later after the events of Far Cry 5. In the final of last part over the District of Houp the nuclear mushroom grew - we will go to the post-apocalyptic world. Ubisoft thought over what occurred in Far Cry Universe, and changed the territory practically to unrecognizability.

After explosion in the world for several years came nuclear winter. Then seasons of winds which mixed sands and the earth came. At last, burst rains, and "superblossoming" began - fields became covered by violent vegetation. Players will find Hope already bright and solar.

Radiation affected the American fauna - the mass of surprising animals roams about postnuclear State of Montana. Among them - deer albinos and a humming-bird. we will meet by

In New Dawn both new, and already familiar workmates. Developers claim that screenwriters "spared" characters who were especially fallen in love to players. From pets to us will allow to tame a dog of breed of an Akita Inu by nickname Timber and Horatio's boar. And here the doggie, alas, did not live the Boomer up to "New dawn".

IGN Website also mentioned new type of tasks - expeditions. To them you go to one of separate cards - arrive on a location by helicopter, land, take away freight and are on the lam, beating off crowds of enemies. The area of level for an expedition - around one square kilometer. During such missions we will visit Alcatraz Island, Grand Canyon and not only.

of Far Cry: New Dawn will come to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 15 of February, 2019.



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