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Stuffed cabbage in Romanian: 3 times more tasty than ours. Write down the recipe


According to this recipe turn out very tasty and juicy stuffed cabbage. In Romanian the dish is called Sarmale. It can be prepared from pork, a turkey, beef or mix of these types of meat. It is possible even to prepare them with sauerkraut and bacon.

Ingredients for stuffed cabbage: 1 head of cabbage is fresher than cabbage; 50 g of rice; 150 g of forcemeat of any; 1 bulb; 1 carrots; vegetable oil; 100 ml of water; salt, pepper. For "fur coat": 30 g of sour cream; 100 g of cheese; 2 tomatoes; 3-4 garlic gloves; fennel and parsley; salt, pepper. Preparation:

1. We put cabbage for 5-10 minutes in the microwave (power about 900 W), and then under a stream of cold water. After that leaves separate easily.

2. Rice is boiled to semi-readiness. We fry onions and carrots. We mix the cooled-down rice and subfrying with forcemeat, we salt, we pepper to taste.

3. We twist stuffed cabbage and we stack on the baking sheet which is slightly oiled. We add water, we cover a baking sheet with a foil and we put in the oven warmed up to 200 °C for 30 minutes.

4. For "fur coat": small we cut tomatoes, we grate cheese, we crush greens, garlic is passed through a press. We add sour cream, salt and pepper, we mix.

5. We spread "fur coat" evenly on a surface of stuffed cabbage, we level and we bake 10-15 more minutes.

Bon appetit!

of Fia Mont.



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